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Meet Your Admission Counselor

Pamela Brutto

Undergraduate Admission Counselor and Athletic Liaison

Pamela travels to and reviews applications from the following areas:

In Pennsylvania: northeastern and north central PA, Center City and South Philadelphia; in New Jersey: Middlesex, Monmouth, and Somerset counties

Pamela’s advice for students searching for colleges:

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone! Visit different schools and explore all your options before making your decision.   

Pamela’s favorite thing about USciences:

I love the community feel we have at USciences. You are able to thrive on a beautiful campus amongst like-minded students and have easy access to all that Philadelphia has to offer.

Pamela’s favorite thing about Philadelphia:

Being raised in a very small hometown in PA has given me a great appreciation for the different types of culture and experiences available to me in the area. I can’t imagine living and working in a more diverse and exciting city than Philadelphia.

Interesting fact about Pamela:

I played on a high school basketball team that won four gold medals in four years.

Devin Kathleen Cohick

Devin Kathleen CohickUndergraduate Admission Counselor

Devin travels to and reviews applications from the following areas:

Delaware; Maryland, Washington, D.C.; in New Jersey: Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Ocean and Salem counties; in Pennsylvania: Central and Central East Philadelphia

Devin’s advice for students searching for colleges:

Visit, visit, visit. Never rule out a college or university without visiting first. The campus visit can provide you with the most detailed information about where you may choose to live and study.

Devin’s favorite thing about Philadelphia:

My favorite thing about Philadelphia is the culture, from food to the arts. Philadelphia has so much to offer!

Interesting fact about Devin:

I am an avid WWE fan. I love professional wrestling!

Steve Fediuk

Undergraduate Admission Counselor

Steve travels to and reviews applications from the following areas:

In New Jersey: Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic, and Union counties; in New York: Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York, Queens, Richmond, Rockland, Suffolk, and West Chester counties; in Pennsylvania: East and North Philadelphia

Steve’s advice for students searching for colleges:

Be sure to visit colleges more than once and ask questions. You want to make sure that the college you pick is the right fit for you.

Steve’s favorite thing about USciences:

A small campus atmosphere in a large city setting, USciences is the best of both worlds.

Steve’s favorite thing about Philadelphia:

Being in such a diverse city gives you the opportunity to meet a bunch of new people from all over and to try new things!

Interesting fact about Steve:

Favorite sport is soccer-F.C. Barcelona!

Elise Todderud

Elise TodderudUndergraduate Admission Counselor

Elise travels to and reviews applications from the following areas:

Connecticut; Massachusetts; in New Jersey: Hunterdon, Mercer, Morris, Sussex and Warren counties; upstate New York; in Pennsylvania: Bucks, Lehigh, and Northampton counties, western PA, and northeast Philadelphia; Rhode Island

Elise’s advice for students searching for colleges:

While visiting colleges and universities that interest you, try to get a feel for what student life is like by talking to students, including your tour guide, and visiting areas where students hang out. It is important to make sure that you can see yourself as a student on campus and to experience a sense of pride in the institution which you choose to attend.

Elise’s favorite thing about USciences:

University of the Sciences has a small student population, which means that students receive a more personalized education. There are many opportunities for students to gain experiences outside of the USciences classroom including participating in undergraduate research, experiential learning, and service learning, going on a study abroad trip, taking a University of the Arts course, getting involved in clubs, organizations, music and athletics, and much more!

Fun fact about Elise:

I’m 6’2’’ and I love being tall!

Justin Williams

Justin WilliamsUndergraduate Admission Counselor

Justin travels to and reviews applications from the following areas:

California; in Pennsylvania: Adams, Chester, Cumberland, Franklin, Fulton, Huntingdon, Juniata, Lancaster, Mifflin, Montgomery, Perry and York counties, and west and southwest Philadelphia; Virginia

Justin’s advice for students searching for colleges:

Look at all options carefully. There is a school out there that is a perfect match for you, one that’ll take you far!

Justin’s favorite thing about USciences:

Our campus is the best of both worlds—a close-knit small campus that’s part of the thriving University City neighborhood, plus you have all the opportunities of Philadelphia at your fingertips.

Interesting fact about Justin:

I’m a recent graduate of USciences (BS in Microbiology, Class of 2011) and love sharing my experiences with new and prospective students.

Counselors for Transfer Students

Emily Northey

Undergraduate and Transfer Admission Counselor

Emily reviews applications for the following students:

Undergraduate transfer students for Bachelor degree programs

Emily’s advice for students searching for colleges:

Gather your thoughts, get a clear picture of what your goals are and then formulate a plan. It is important to consider all aspects of a potential school. As a transfer student you have the unique experience of being a student somewhere already, but have come to realize your focus may have changed from your original plan. When choosing another school, it is important to see yourself fitting into that campus community for the next couple of years while growing both personally and professionally.

Emily’s favorite thing about USciences:

University of the Sciences has a small campus feel in a large academic community. There are so many opportunities for students to participate in activities outside of the classroom, whether it is through campus life or events happening in the City.

Fun fact about Emily:

I love to paddleboard!

Aimee Viggiani
Aimee Viggiani

Associate Director of Transfer/Professional Admission


Application review assignment:

Transfer and Post-baccalaureate students applying to Physician Assistant, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy or Pharmacy (PharmD) programs

Aimee’s advice for students searching for colleges:

If you are looking to get into a professional program make sure to take the time to not only research online but speak to people practicing in the profession already. Even better, look for opportunities to shadow or volunteer in your particular area of interest – then you know you are making a well-educated decision!

Aimee’s favorite thing about USciences:

I love the location—you have the best of both worlds with easy access to all parts of the city but the campus is not overwhelmingly huge and there is a true sense of community.

Aimee’s favorite thing about Philadelphia:

The exciting food scene—from unique restaurants and food trucks to fine dining—it’s so much fun (and delicious!) to discover all of the inventive things young chefs are bringing to Philly!

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