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Government and Community Affairs

The mission of Government and Community Affairs at University of the Sciences is to build strategic relationships, promote ongoing engagement between the University and its surrounding community, and seek new opportunities to further the University’s research, academic, and service goals.  The office is a proactive contributor to University initiatives and serves as the liaison between the University and elected officials, government agencies, civic and community organizations, and other external partners.

The goals of government affairs and community affairs are closely linked and synergistic. In government affairs, the focus is on the development and strengthening of relationships with elected officials and government agencies at the local, state, and federal level. Advocacy for positions of vital interest to the University, development of strategic alliances, analysis of relevant legislation, and identification of potential government funding sources are prime examples of government affairs initiatives.

The importance of cultivating strong, positive relationships is also a hallmark of community affairs at USciences. Promotion of the University’s community engagement efforts, identification of opportunities to enhance the physical and economic landscape of the surrounding neighborhood, exploration of potential k-12 academic partnerships, and identification of funding sources to support engagement activities are just a few examples of community affairs initiatives.

Contact Information:

Mary Kate McGinty, RPh, MS
Director, Government and Community Affairs

Office location: 4101 Woodland Avenue, room 116 (through 6/30/13)
4100 Chester Avenue, 3rd Floor (7/1/13 onward)
Phone: 215.596.8719
Email: m.mcginity@usciences.edu


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