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Physics Professor’s Picture Book Aims to Spark Interest in Science Among Youth
Posted: Monday, October 14, 2013
Contact:  Lauren Whetzel
Contact Email:  l.whetzel@usciences.edu
Contact Phone:  215-596-8864
With hopes to make science education a household conversation across the nation, Paul Halpern, PhD, professor of physics at University of the Sciences, recently published his second children’s picture book, “What’s the Matter With Pluto?: The Story of Pluto’s Adventures with the Planet Club.”

“Science is really important to children, and we need to continue developing future generations of leaders who are enthusiastic about science and technology because we have fallen behind other countries in these categories,” said Dr. Halpern.
That’s why Dr. Halpern began writing science-themed children’s books nearly 10 years ago. His most recent book, “What’s the Matter With Pluto?” discusses the solar system and pairs the narrative with nearly 40 pages of colorful and personable illustrations, drawn by nationally-recognized cartoonist Vance Lehmkuhl.
This book allows children ages 4 to 10 to explore the story of Pluto as seen through the eyes of the planets themselves. The intent of its content is to introduce young minds to the fascinating science of astronomy through use of words and art. The planets in this book display a variety of facial features to accompany the text, and allow children to more easily follow along with the story.
Here’s an excerpt from the book’s description:
Pluto joined the Planet Club in 1930, but didn’t quite fit in. He is much tinier than the gas giants in the outer part of the solar system. He has a lot more moons than any of the inner planets. His orbit is much more stretched out than any of the other worlds' paths around the Sun. The other members of the Planet Club didn't know what to make of him. Then one day, Pluto received some bad news.
Dr. Halpern volunteers his time speaking to children about science in classrooms across the Philadelphia area. A prolific author, Dr. Halpern has published more than a dozen popular science books. His previous children's book, “Faraway Worlds,” was named one of the Children’s Choices for 2005 by the International Reading Association.
For more information regarding Dr. Halpern’s children’s book, or to make a purchase, click here.
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