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Misher Symposium Spotlights Research
Posted: Monday, April 29, 2013
Written By:  Kaitlyn Sutton

Undergraduate students from Misher College of Arts and Sciences were offered the opportunity to present their research at the first Misher Undergraduate Research Symposium on April 2. Thirty-one students were selected to participate.

An important part of the research symposium was the opportunity for five students to give oral presentations. Student participants derived from many different departments within Misher, including the Department of Biological Sciences, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Department of Mathematics, Physics and Statistics, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, and the Department of Humanities.

The Undergraduate Research Symposium was the kickoff event for a recent initiative to promote and showcase undergraduate research from departments within the Misher College of Arts and Sciences. An advisory board made up of six representatives from various departments and headed by Dr. Elia Eschenazi, professor and chair for the Mathematics, Physics and Statistics Department, met for months to plan the symposium.

“We envisioned [the symposium] as the beginning of a process that will allow us to continue to expand and foster undergraduate research within Misher,” said Dr. Eschenazi. “The fundamental idea behind it is to develop an undergraduate research community where students can share ideas and create educational experiences together.”

The first place winner of the oral presentations was Stephanie Noblit MT’14 from the Department of Biological Sciences for her presentation entitled, “Microtubule growth speed and growth lifetime are differentially controlled by CLASP with regional specificity.” Other oral presentation winners included Megan Mohadjer Beromi C’14 (Department Chemistry and Biochemistry), Christine Dang BI’14 (Department of Biological Science), Brian Munoz BC’14 (Department Chemistry and Biochemistry), and Alvaro F. Vargas Psy’13 (Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences). Poster presentation winners were Caitlin Leach PharmD’14 (Department of Humanities), Christine Rivera C’13 and Tashnia Babar BC’13 (Department Chemistry and Biochemistry), and Laura DeLoretta Psy’13 (Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences).

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