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USciences Storm Preparation and Student Information
Posted: Saturday, October 27, 2012

If you have not already done so, please register to receive emergency text alerts & email notifications at Emergency Alert Registrations or cut and paste this URL in your address bar: https://alert.usciences.edu/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=/Default.aspx

Additional Information for USciences Students

As of 8 pm Sunday night, guests will not be permitted to stay in the residence halls.  This will be done in an effort for Student Life to focus on their primary concern, students living in the residence halls.

Students can practice these tips to prepare for the storm: 

  • Charge all electrical devices.  In the event that power goes out, a full charge on your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or handheld game system will extend the life of your device.
  • Refrain from lighting candles.  Especially in an emergency, open flames can be a major fire hazard.
  • Replace the batteries in your flashlight, OR purchase a flashlight and extra batteries, OR download a flashlight app for your cell phone or tablet.
  • Close and tightly seal all windows.  If you can, pull screens down to prevent falling branches from making direct contact with the window’s glass.
  • If you leave your residence prior to the storm, tell your roommate(s) and friends where you’re going beforehand.
  • Pack a small bag (in case you need to evacuate) that contains:
    • Clothes for two to three days,
    • Toiletries,
    • Prescription medications and necessary medical supplies,
    • Non-perishable food/snacks,
    • Bottles of water,
    • USciences ID and keys,
    • Cash (especially small bills and change for vending machines),
    • Bedroll/sleeping bag and pillow
  • Find a battery-powered radio.  Tune it to KYW Newsradio 1060 AM – this will allow you to monitor the storm, should you lose power.
  • Register to receive emergency text notifications (alerts and emails) at https://alert.usciences.edu/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=/Default.aspx.
  • Set your fridge to its coldest setting.  This will extend the life of your perishables just a little longer, if power is lost.  Just watch out that nothing freezes.
  • Do laundry now.  If we lose power, washers and dryers won’t clean your three weeks-worth of clothes.

We will continue to provide updates as we learn more.

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